If you are a homeowner, contractor, design student or a draftsman apprentice with the need to design home addition plans and expedite its building permits, the E-Book presented in this site will show you how.

As of now, you should know that if you are to build a single-story home addition, a building permit will be required. Such permits are issued by your local planning/zoning and building departments. As you may know, these two departments are usually branched out at your local County or City Hall.

Likewise, you should also know that, for such matter, any building plans will have to be revised and approved. Therefore, if you need to have approved building plans and to expedite its building permit, you have to choose from one of the four choices presented below. The first three choices shall take you through the process with ease but are usually expensive. The fourth choice is very affordable but it takes time and dedication of your own.

Choice # 1: To hire a Licensed Architect. Architects usually make their living working on bigger projects other than single-story home additions and frequently are a very pricey choice for these type of home projects because they charge a percentage of the over-all construction value.

Choice #2: To hire a Home Designer. A Home Designer is probably less expensive than a licensed Architect but, you will possibly still end up paying a few thousand dollars.

Choice #3: To hire a Licensed Contractor. A licensed contractor usually has a designer among its team who designs plans and expedites building permits. If such is the case, you could end up being charged for two services: Planning and Construction. On the other hand, the contractor may allocate hidden fees to the construction process to compensate the time dedicated to the generation of plans and permits, this will trigger higher overall-project-costs for you. In contrast, if the licensed contractor does not have a designer among his team, the need to subcontract the drafting service arises. Such scenario takes you back to Choice #1 or Choice #2 and may put you in the position of paying even more since contractors sometimes get a “cut” from the designers or architects.

Choice #4: To design plans and expedite building permits yourself (whether you are a homeowner or a person representing the homeowner). You may be familiar with the fact that, in most United States regions, (as well as in countries like Canada, UK, New Zealand and Australia to mention a few) any person with a bit of help and dedication, can draw building plans and expedite building permits for residential projects not exceeding 4,000 square feet . This, as long as national and local building codes are applied appropriately.

easy-to-learn hand-drafting-techniques and simple step-by-step process
Turn Your Sketches Onto Floor Plans For Permitting
Learn How To Draw Exterior Elevations, Details and Cross Sectionals For Permitting
Learn How To Draw Foundations and Framing Plans And Secure Your Building Permit

At this point, I want to think that if you are still reading is because of the four choices presented above, you identify with Choice #4. Lets say that, maybe you want to save thousands of dollars by not hiring a pricey designer and want to have control of the construction process. Or, you are a design-student trying to make a living and want to launch a career as a drasftsman. Or, you are a building contractor who wants to master the drafting-skills required to design single-story home additions and to secure building permits for your clients. With this said, if you are willing to spend time of your own hand-drawing the building plans for your single-story home addition, I will show you how, and how to expedite its building permit at any jurisdiction of the regions mentioned above. This, applying the same easy-to-learn drafting-techniques and simple step-by-step process that I’ve been applying in my years of practice. These drafting techniques and steps are gathered in my E-Book Home Additions Made Easy©.

Home Additions Made Easy© teaches with pictures, easy-to-learn-hand-drafting-techniques and simple step-by-step process, the techniques and steps that I myself apply when designing construction plans for single-story home addition in the United States. Home Additions Made Easy© also walks the reader through the process of expediting their building permit.

Unlike any other manuals, creating Home Additions Made Easy© was challenging; it took almost two years in the making since I had to make sure that the drafting techniques and steps applied in the manual were easy to understand for the common and unskilled reader, as well as easy to follow. The steps and process had to be practical not only in my home town of Portland Oregon but, also in the rest of the United States’ jurisdictions. So, for such matter, the only way to overcome such an obstacle was to travel, settle, and find projects in different states throughout the nation.

Home Additions Made Easy© is a recompilation of my headache-free drafting techniques applied in many United States building departments in states like Oregon, Washington, Utah, Arizona, Virginia, and Maryland, and can be applied at any other state as long as your local building codes and requirements are applied. These same techniques can be applied in countries like Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia, etc. In other words, in countries and regions where building permits are required.

Home Additions Made Easy© relates to more than 10 years of practice in the wearisome process of expediting building permits.

The information uncovered in Home Additions Made Easy© walks the reader through the process of planning, designing and expediting a building permit for a 20’ x 20’ single-story home addition. This information can be applied to other home additions with similar characteristics.

Home Additions Made Easy© is simple to understand and follow. You don’t have to have a background in architecture, engineering or drafting. All you need is a list of basic and inexpensive drafting materials that you can buy at office-supplier-stores like Office Depot, Staples, Kinkos etc., and a few days of time and dedication.

Home Additions Made Easy© consists of 90 + pages including instructions about the type of questions and information to seek while visiting your local planning and building departments from day 1.

Home Additions Made Easy© uses pictures to illustrate drafting techniques as well as very short and to-the-point explanations.

In 8 steps which are segmented in 8 days for your convenience, Home Additions Made Easy© walks you through the complex process of designing and expediting building permits for single-story home additions.

If you are a HOMEOWNER with a do-it-yourself mind, the information provided in Home Additions Made Easy© will take you with ease through the complex planning and construction process. You will save thousands of dollars since you won’t be in the position of hiring an expensive designer, architect or contractor. Also, you’ll save thousands of dollars in the construction process by having absolute control of your single-story home addition project. This means, getting lower price estimates for all the different trades involved in your home addition, such as: concrete estimates for the foundation, framing estimates, electrical estimates, etc. In other words, by drafting the project yourself you become the main builder and contractor of your project; you’re in absolute control!

If you are a CONTRACTOR subcontracting the plans-design-process to architects or designers, with Home Additions Made Easy© you won't have the need to outsource those contracts anymore. Home Additions Made Easy© will upscale your service to a Design-Build-Scheme rather than just “solo” construction, bringing more demand to your business.

If you are a PERSON with an interest in launching a career as a draftsman (building plans designer), Home Additions Made Easy© will serve as your on-the-hands-training-manual providing you with the tools needed to generate extra or full-time income in the years to come. Without a doubt, I can share with you from my years of practice, that home addition projects are the most typical home improvement projects carried out by the entire population. I’m firm to say that 6 out of 10 residential projects that I work on are home additions; the rest have to do with adding dormers, converting garages into live-able areas, or any other type of home alterations. In very rare cases I design new homes. With that said, the need for designers capable of expediting building permits for home additions will always be in demand in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK and other regions where building permits are required. Home additions are a niche market within the construction field and, you don’t have to have a degree to practice, just the knowledge, eagerness, and moral code.

Feel safe and confident when ordering Home Additions Made Easy©. With PayPal as our SECURE SERVER, you will have a copy downloaded to your PC in minutes.

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About The Author

The author, Luis F. Miramontes, grew up in the Phoenix Arizona Metropolitan Area but is native of the northern State of Sonora in Mexico. He worked in the construction field while he pursued his architectural degree at Arizona State. By 2004, with some college classes at hand and with many hours of field-training he had the opportunity to manage the wall-panel-design department of a well-known construction company in Phoenix AZ. Wall-panel-design is the process of framing homes with CAD software. He moved to Portland Oregon in November of 2007 where he currently offers his home drafting services. His architectural studies and on-the-field-training, and experience have been an enormous asset in achieving these goals. Most of his projects consist of drafting building plans for home additions, home renovations, dormer additions, new homes, and as-builts for existing homes. He has also expedited building permits for non-permitted home projects in violation of building codes and has got the chance to work in projects in the states of Utah, Maryland, Virginia, Arizona, and Washington. 

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